Meet our staff

Mental Health Professionals

Mental health professionals play a crucial role in supporting individuals through their emotional and psychological challenges. They provide therapy, counseling, and other therapeutic interventions to help people manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. By offering a safe and confidential environment, these professionals empower individuals to develop coping strategies, improve their well-being, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Black, LPC, PhD

Dr. Black, LPC, PhD, specializes in providing comprehensive counseling services aimed at enhancing mental health and well-being.

Earl Owens III

Earl Owens III is a Certified Peer Support Specialist dedicated to offering empathetic and effective support to individuals navigating mental health challenges.

Sheila Carter-Ford

Sheila Carter-Ford serves as the PSS Team Lead, guiding and empowering peers in providing compassionate support to individuals on their mental health journeys.

Egan Turner

Egan Turner is a skilled Medical Technologist proficient in conducting and analyzing medical tests to aid in accurate diagnoses and patient care.

LaQuisha (QUI) Burrough

LaQuisha (QUI) Burrough is a Laboratory Admin/Office Administrator responsible for overseeing administrative operations and ensuring smooth functioning within the laboratory environment.

Ruhullah Assadiq

Ruhullah Assadiq is a dedicated Peer Support Specialist, providing empathetic and experienced guidance to individuals facing mental health challenges.

Diamond Black

Diamond Black is a Community Health Worker/Admin dedicated to improving public health outcomes through community outreach and efficient administrative support.

Daneisha Grant

Daneisha Grant is an Associate Professional committed to delivering high-quality support and services in her field.

Tawana Burrough

Tawana Burrough is the HR Manager responsible for overseeing human resources operations, ensuring compliance, and fostering a supportive workplace environment.

Trinity Black

Trinity Black is a valuable member of the administrative staff, ensuring efficient and organized office operations.

Dierra Flemming-Davis

Dierra Flemming-Davis serves as the Intake Coordinator/Office Administrator, managing client intake processes and ensuring efficient administrative operations within the office.

Rakim McMillan

Rakim McMillan is an IIH Qualified Professional dedicated to delivering expert care and support to individuals receiving Intensive In-Home services.

Erkland Goode

Erkland Goode is a Certified Peer Support Specialist dedicated to providing compassionate and effective support to individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

Lydia Covington

Lydia Covington is a Counselor II, providing advanced therapeutic support and guidance to clients in need of mental health services.